pro•m•emo Essences Kit

(9 customer reviews)


Everything you need to improve your state of mind and optimise your emotional health and wellness.

Let go of your emotions as they arise; instead of burying deep down resulting in emotional blockages and stagnation. Let them flow, feel in harmony, allow yourself to feel and then simply move on. Stop holding onto anger towards that special someone, don’t let your fears stop you from living your dreams, don’t let worry eat you up inside, don’t let grief stop you from seeing the positives of what you still have and don’t let sadness takes its toll on your heart. Provide your BodyMind with subtle and powerful energy medicine essences to allow you to live your life in emotional flow.

  •  1 x pro•m•emo Calm essence 20ml
  • 1 x pro•m•emo Harmony essence 20ml
  • 1 x pro•m•emo Carefree essence 20ml
  • 1 x pro•m•emo Relief essence 20ml
  • 1 x pro•m•emo Love essence 20ml
  • 1 x pro•m•emo Peace essence 20ml

Enjoy feelings of Peace, Calm, Harmony, Carefree, Relief and Love.



This complete emotional wellness pro•m•emo essences kit provides you with an elixir for every emotional state you may be feeling. Improve your health and wellness through your emotional frequency and simply enjoy a better state of mind and wellbeing.

The complete kit includes:

  • pro•m•emo Calm essence 20ml
  • pro•m•emo Harmony essence 20ml
  • pro•m•emo Carefree essence 20ml
  • pro•m•emo Relief essence 20ml
  • pro•m•emo Love essence 20ml
  • pro•m•emo Peace essence 20ml


Packed in an eco-friendly gift box, perfect as the gift of wellness for yourself or for a loved one.

9 reviews for pro•m•emo Essences Kit

  1. Alison Morgan

    I absolutely love these essences. I’m gradually making my way through the range and have felt a change within 10 minutes of taking a few drops under the tongue. I highly recommend!

  2. Allison Mulholland

    Just started on these and they have calmed me in stressful times and I sleep much better at night. Recommend these highly

  3. Eleni Cico

    Beautiful packaged products. Wonderful philosophy and very effective. Have only used the Peace and Carefree out of my set at the moment but they have been great. Have also used Peace on my 8 year old and he seemed less restless afterwards.

  4. Vesna Razmovski

    After reading many positive reviews I took the plunge and purchased the whole set of essences. This is honestly the best thing I have done in a long time for my emotional well-being. The effects are almost immediate and I am feeling calmer and more balanced! Absolutely amazing results.

  5. Linda Inserra

    Beautifully presented range of Devine products. Have only been using for such a short time yet already seen amazing results. So lovingly recommend these products

  6. Jan Bye

    I have just started using these drops and they really are amazing! Sometimes I wake up really grumpy and I don’t know how I feel and I take the Peace essence and in no time I’m through the emotion, my husband thinks that’s great 😉 I also carry them to work with me, nursing is quite stressful these definitely help. Highly recommend.

  7. Diana Aridi

    My lovely integrative dietician recommended the essences kit. I have only been using them for several days and already loving them. The effects are almost immediate and I’m kind of stunned. It definitely helps process an emotion quite quickly and effectively. My favourites at the moment are Peace, Calm and Carefree!

  8. Kyla Poyner

    Loving this kit. My first time to try his kind of product and these essences are very effective.

  9. Krysta Martini

    I got these as an early Christmas present for myself. Doing a lot of clearing and emotion work and wanted to being some plant medicine and and also help with the intention and presence. So far I’m sooo grateful these popped into my reality when I was looking for soemthing similar. Do recommend and at sale price, you can’t go wrong! Also the creators are lovelyyyy and supportive. I got a handwritten thank you which always wins my heart. Just full of goodness and love.

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