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What is pro•m•emo?

It stands for Processing MEmotions. It’s a unique synergistic combination of various herbal medicines from both Chinese and Western herbal medicines, Bach flower essences, homeopathic medicine and bio-energetic medicines to assist you to process your emotions.  Read on to understand fully the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine for your health and well-being.

How does it work?

It works due to the synergistic blending of Chinese and Western herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine and Bach flower essences coupled with bio-energetic medicine and the traditional Chinese medicine’s five element theory. Each element in Chinese medicine has an associated emotion, and each emotion has an associated pro•m•emo elixir that assists in restoring harmony when out of balance. Once you identify the emotion you are feeling, you can rate the emotion from mild to severe, then select, and take the appropriate pro•m•emo elixir and dosage. This offers you the opportunity to instantly process the emotion and move on so that you can return to responding to life rather than reacting to it!

Why use pro•m•emo?

Emotional disturbances in the body can interupt energy flow and present as physical symptoms causing disease.

Who can take pro•m•emo?

Absolutely anyone!

Will it agree with me?


Can I take pro•m•emo with other medication?

Yes. Of course, speak to your GP first.

How long do I need to take pro•m•emo for?

Until the emotional disharmony resolves; that is, when you process your emotion and feel the change. Almost all people who have tried the pro•m•emo elixirs eport a change within a few seconds to five minutes and that change lasts for hours. The more you use it, the less you need it!

Which elixir is for me?

Complete the 13 pro•m•emo questions on the website to find out which elixir you need in the present time for your general health OR identify the emotion you are feeling and take the corresponding elixir OR buy the anatomy of emotions chart and choose the emotion that resonates with you, then match that emotion to the primary emotion and the corresponding elixir.

When do I need pro•m•emo?

When ever you feel emotionally out of balance. As directed, minimum 4 times daily and as needed.

Can I take too much?

Use as directed.

How often do I need the elixir?

As often as you need. Take the elixir when you feel you need to process an emotion. As you use the pro•m•emo elixirs you will notice that your emotional acuity increases as well.

Can children use pro•m•emo?

Yes. It’s easy and safe. For children, we recommend diluting the elixirs in water and use as directed. Read More…

How is pro•m•emo a unique product that is new to healthcare?

The pro•m•emo elixirs are a new concept because they are the unique integration of traditional Chinese medicine, Western herbal medicine (Naturopathy), Bach flower remedies, homeopathic medicines and bio-energetic medicine, developed by a scientist and a team of health practitioners.

How is pro•m•emo superior to other products?

The pro•m•emo elixirs synergistically blend the strengths of the five modalities stated above, and has none of their weaknesses such as bad taste, boiling or long preparation times. They are simple and easy to understand and to also use.

How do you use pro•m•emo ?

If you can identify what emotion you are feeling (for example, anger), you then look at the bottom centre of the pro·m·emo elixir label where you will see the emotion you are feeling (you will notice that the name of the pro·m·emo elixir is different to the emotion that you are feeling and this name is what you experience after you process the emotion).   In the example of feeling anger, the pro·m·emo name of the elixir is Calm. Once you have selected the pro·m·emo elixir, you then rate the strength of the emotion (anger); if the emotional disturbance is mild, you place 3 drops of the Calm elixir under your tongue or into approximately 1 cup of water and drink the mixture. If you rate it as being severe, then you use 5 drops of the elixir..

What to expect when you take pro•m•emo?

The effects of pro·m·emo are in most cases very quick, in fact almost immediatly! Many people report feeling the name of the pro·m·emo elixir, e.g. Calm, as opposed to the emotional disturbance, eg. anger, within minutes, if not seconds. The effects are long lasting, however pro·m·emo elixirs can be taken more than 4 times during the day.

When is it appropriate to blend pro•m•emo elixirs?

Blending the pro·m·emo elixirs is appropriate any time you have mixed emotions about an event, a person, object, and so on. For example, if you had the tragic situation of loosing a loved one in a traffic accident caused by a drunk driver, you would more than likely be feeling grief/melancholy and sadness for the loss of your friend, but also anger towards the drunk driver. This tragic event would be a severe emotional disturbance, and therefore would require 5 drops of the corresponding pro·m·emo elixirs, that is in this example, you would take the pro·m·emo elixirs Relief, Harmony and Calm. You would place 5 drops of each into approximately 1 cup of water, and drink the mixture. Continue using the mixture until you experience a change in your emotions.

How do I take pro•m•emo elixirs?

The pro·m·emo elixirs can be taken in many different ways. The quickest and easiest way of administering the pro·m·emo elixirs is under the tongue neat. If you are pregnant or giving it to a child, we recommend diluting pro•m•emo in water. Also, if you are going through a difficult time or a more severe emotional disturbances, then you can take pro•m•emo more frequently until your emotion(s) resolves.

Under the tongue: Taking pro·m·emo elixirs ‘neat’ is a quick and convenient way to take the remedy. Do not dilute the remedy, simply apply the drops under the tongue. The amount of drops you take is the same which ever way you take your pro·m·emo elixir, 3-5 drops and minimum of 4 times daily and as needed.

In a glass of water: Place 3 drops in a glass of water for a mild emotional response or 5 drops in a glass of water for a more severe emotional response. Sip as often as required. This is a great method to dilute the alcohol to an even weaker concentration.   We acknowledge that even though only a small amount of alcohol is used, some may have an aversion to the taste (of alcohol).   For ongoing relief during difficult times, place the required dosage in a bottle of water and carry with you during the day, sip as needed. Make sure you take the 4 doses a day.   Diluting in water is a great way for administering the pro·m·emo elixirs for pregnant women, babies or the elderly.

Personal mixing bottles: In a 30ml bottle (preferably with a dropper in the lid), add 3 drops of each pro·m·emo elixir (up to 5 elixirs) that would be helpful for your situation, and then add still spring water to the bottle. Take required dosage as per usual (3-5 drops, minimum 4 times daily).

Can you take pro•m•emo elixirs during pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to use pro•m•emo during pregnancy. Although the entire bottle is based in 25% alcohol, the amount of alcohol you end up consuming when you dilute 3 to 5 drops in 1 cup of water is so minute that it will not have a negative effect on you or your baby, that is, provided you adhere to the recommended doses, 3-5 drops minimum 4 times daily.  Read More…

Can you give pro•m•emo elixirs to your pets?

Yes, it is safe to use with pets, however, it is important to know a little bit about pet psychology… We expect our non-human, furry friends to be ‘little humans’, which clearly goes beyond their natural programming and instincts. We expect them to be there when we need them, listen to us when they are told to, expect them to obey us and so on. For example, expecting a dog to not tear open a garbage bag when they smell meat in our garbage bin, is expecting the dog to be human and denies the dogs natural instincts! Dogs are pack animals, however most owners who have dogs only have one. Being left alone whilst their owner is at work can cause severe anxiety and depression in a dog. This in itself is a reason to use the pro·m·emo elixirs for your pooch. You could safely and effectively place the appropriate drops of the pro·m·emo elixir in the dog’s water bowl, in order to assist your pooch to process the emotion and be…… for example Carefree.

Can you use pro•m•emo elixirs in your cooking?

Absolutely! Here is an example, “One night I was anxious about a work project, my partner used Carefree (for processing worry/ overthinking) in our bolognaise sauce. Without realizing it, after dinner I felt relaxed and was more carefree but did not know why. Until my partner told me what they had done! I felt so much better for it!”

Can pro•m•emo be used to lose weight?

Absolutely! Think of all the emotional charges associated with weight-gain, let alone weight-loss. Read More…

Who created pro•m•emo?

Pro·m·emo is the brainchild of Rhett Ogston. Rhett first had the idea after completing his honours project (2001) and since then, has sought out and enlisted a team of likeminded health care professionals and researched and developed the pro·m·emo idea over the past 14 years. Rhett’s team consists of health care professionals with qualifications in Chinese medicine, naturopathy, kinesiology, science, homeopathy, bio-energetic healing, massage, personal training, pilates, EFT, UEFT, counselling and herbal medicine.

What if I struggle to identify my emotional disturbance?

The pro·m·emo elixir range simplifies all emotional disturbances into the five main emotions according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). These five main emotions represent all permutations and combinations of emotions. If you would like assistance in identifying the emotional disturbance, you can purchase the ‘Anatomy of Emotions’ chart. Understanding your specific emotion then allows you to master it so much quicker with the appropriate pro·m·emo elixir. If, however, you cannot pinpoint how you actually feel or you feel you are experiencing every emotion, then we have also simplified the process and combined all of the elixirs into one elixir known as Peace! This pro·m·emo elixir is used to assist you to process ALL emotions, that is until you have processed them or when you are clearer as to which emotion is the dominant emotion, so then you can process, that emotion more rapidly with the specific pro·m·emo elixir. We also have a quick set of questions on the pro·m·emo website that you can use to discover the emotion and corresponding elixir that you need, as well as the other supporting elixirs.

The pro.m.emo elixir range is truly a safe, effective and easy to use system of emotional health care.

If you require more information about pro·m·emo and the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine you can buy the following?

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