Do your emotions have a hold over you?
Do you constantly feel overwhelmed with the world?


“I am so thankful to have been introduced to such an amazing, inspiring yet simple
treatment for something I believed would have a hold of me for the rest of my life”
– Miss B (VIC) 2015




Do you identify with any of these feelings?

anger  ~ joy/sadness  ~ worry/overthinking  ~ grief   ~ fear

pro•m•emo can help you process these emotions

  • Do you sometimes get upset when you’re in bad traffic?

  • Does your boss have the ability to upset you with a snide comment?

  • Are you a mum feeling overwhelmed with the juggling act of kids and family life?

  • Do you have a child with special needs that sometimes finds you in a stressful situation?

  • Do you or a family member suffer from the stress brought on by the effects of dementia?

Begin your journey to inner peace now with your
pro•m•emo natural health essences

Incredibly easy to use


Celebrities such as Lily Allen, Madonna, Louise Hay and alternative health proponent Deepak Chopra use emotional freedom techniques everyday to manage their feelings of insecurity, anxiety, self-doubt and low self esteem.

pro•m•emo natural health essences helps you process your emotions, with handy travel size bottles you can take anywhere.

Finally free yourself from the burden of emotional pain, grief, fears or stress and find emotional health and wellbeing.


pro•m•emo. . . . Process My Emotions


Over 15 years of research in every bottle


A truly unique product that draws upon the strengths of
Chinese herbal medicine, Western herbal medicine (naturopathy),
Bach flower essences, homeopathy and bio-energetic medicine.


Boost your mood, build resilience,
let go of baggage and get more
enjoyment out of life with 3-5 drops!

Learn how to apply your very own emotional health in a bottle.

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