I was given this as a birthday gift recently and it has been incredible as to how much it has helped to calm and reduce the intensity of my emotions. It is subtle yet really noticeable day to day and I have told many of my friends and family about this product. Much stronger than using Bach essences or individual therapies alone. A brilliant product and I’m so glad I’ve come across them. Thank you! 


Rebekah, 35 (VIC)

Pro’m’emo elixirs have worked wonders for me. When I feel anxious and when my mind will not switch off I take 3 drops of Calm and in minutes I am in a state to keep on going with my day, with a clear mind. I carry the set with me at all times, I wouldn’t be with out it now.


Miss G, 29 (VIC)




I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started taking ‘Calm’… never tried anything like this before. I was still experiencing my feelings of agitation when something upset me, but as I reflected on it a few days later, I realised that it wasn’t staying with me like it used to. I was letting go of my feelings of ‘upset’ with out immediately realising it.


Ms E H (VIC) 2015




I have been consumed by my drug addiction for 18 years. During that time I think the longest that I ever restrained myself from using was 6 months, though every day I was faced with the struggle of fighting that little monster inside me that was always present, niggling away at me in the very back of my mind everyday.


6 weeks ago I went to my dear friend, who introduced me to his development promemo, I also had a FlameTree session done that night. I’d text him earlier that day saying I was broken, he knew exactly what I meant. Emotionally, physically spent from the abuse I’d done to my self through constant drug use. Leading up to this time, every single week I’d say to myself, I’m not going to do it this week. So come Wednesday night I’d already be talking myself out of it.


The last few Friday nights leading up to the time I was introduced to promemo treatment, I would literally find myself arguing with what ever it was inside of me that obviously had stronger willpower than I. I could physically feel the left side of my brain winning the argument, when I couldn’t take the depression I’d slump into all because I was refusing to use anymore I’d crack and succumb to my monster. I started promemo Wednesday night at the session. The following morning I woke up, still feeling like a dusty old rag but endeavoured to give this stuff a try. I was advised to take drops as required, of course I didn’t read the instructions, as per the emotion I was experiencing and by using the website to deduce which of the promemo bottles I should use at the time. I began by using each bottle as per whatever emotion I was going through at that time, for example I’d take the one for anger which would fix the anger but within minutes I’d be feeling sad, so I would take the bottle for sad, then I felt disappointed etc etc, I understood this is exactly what was meant to happen and the reason why you buy the whole set and not just one promemo, but I was struggling with being overwhelmed and chose to take only the peace because I was sending myself on an emotional roller coaster and ended up having to take them all anyway lol.


So, here I am coming off the drugs at my extremely stressful new job fighting with my boyfriend at every other moment thinking there’s no way I’m going to be able to get through this. I had been at work for barely an hour before my lovely boss had torn shreds off me and rather than explode or crumble into a heap like I felt I wanted to, I had a dropper of “peace” (I really think the full dropper full helped me too, as opposed to 5 drops, maybe because of all the chemicals I’ve put into me over the years, maybe I needed that extra hit lol) within moments I was calm barely having to deal with what I was going through right then. I was pretty impressed to say the least! I maybe had to use one of the other elixir’s once that day but all in all this was a much more pleasant experience than when I’d attempted this battle on my own ever before.


The following morning before leaving for work, I thought to myself “I’m going to beat the monster to it today, I’ll have a dropper of peace even before I get to the battle field!” By doing this, I completely avoided the usual melt down I’d go through as like every other morning and made it through today reasonably unscathed. Of course this being a Friday, I was about to take on my usual Friday night argument with myself even before leaving work, but this time was different. Just before I finished work, I had a dropper of peace to once again avoid experiencing the emotions I knew I was going to be facing within myself. This was the first Friday night I had gotten through without giving in and scoring, although I had the fact I was working the next day which was my common saviour on a Friday night, 4pm tomorrow would be the real challenge, when I’d finish work every other Saturday I’d lead foot it to score knowing I didn’t have to face reality until Monday.


Saturday morning, repeat process! Dropper of peace before leaving the house, get through the day and avoid the anticipation of scoring that I’d usually have leading up to 4pm… 3:30pm; dropper of peace! I can do this! Finished work, went home to find that little monster of mine may have actually moved out of me or at least gone away for the weekend, because I got through the entire evening without even the slightest inkling of wanting to score… I thought to myself “I think this guy might actually be on to something here”.


Sunday morning… I bounced out of bed, for the first time in forever I actually felt free! I had a dropper of peace, to avoid any of the usual depression that I’d be going through by now and took myself shopping. At this point I text my friend “I feel amazing! This is the first weekend in 6 months I haven’t used and I feel great!” I continued the treatment daily as I did at the start, full dropper of peace in the morning after my cup of tea and gladly headed out to take on the day.


Two weeks into it, I was at the point where I felt at ease within myself that I didn’t need to take any drops to get through the day, even when I put myself in a situation surrounded by drugs and people on drugs I was not fazed. It’s been 6 weeks since I started on this path of new beginnings and I’ve only used the drops at moments of high stress and emotion, which has probably been only a handful of times over the course of the last 4 weeks. I’ve found myself to be free of the little devil which had a hold on me for so long and for that I am so thankful to have been introduced to such an amazing, inspiring yet simple treatment for something I believed would have a hold of me for the rest of my life. I honestly have not had one thought of how I wanted to take drugs, and believe me, this wasn’t just a recreational thing for me, I had gotten my addiction to the point where I didn’t have to use every day because I knew there was more to life, but no matter how hard I tried I just could not kick it and used drugs every weekend to keep the demon at bay so I wasn’t consumed by depression because I hadn’t used drugs. I hope this statement finds someone that’s in that place I’d been for so long, so they can see there really is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how deep you are in, I believe promemo is a life line out of the darkness that is ice addiction.


Miss B (VIC) 2015




I was diagnosed with breast cancer and during the recovery phase I was given Pro’m’emo to assist me respond and deal with all the overwhelming emotions that come with such a diagnoses. In particular was the sense of fear and worry . Pro’m’emo has been amazing. The tight stomach and tension eased right off. I was able to think straight and be present for my family and work efficiently regardless of my stressful situation . I highly recommend Pro’m’emo to everyone.


Miss Julie Richardson (VIC)




I am a 34 year old female who spent the first 20 years of my life growing up in a broken home suffering mental and psychological abuse. The next fourteen years of my life with my husband weren’t any better. As a scared adult, my marriage life was adversely affected. My husband is very dominating and manipulated me to the degree where I felt that my only purpose for existence was to serve him. I had no identity, self respect or self worth. I had no confidence to socially integrate into society or build myself as an individual. I sought medical attention throughout most of my adult life in various forms including psychologist, psychiatrists, counselling and was heavily medicated with antidepressants.


As the situation with my husband worsened my symptoms progressed and I started experiencing severe anxiety attacks which required hospitalisation. Increasing medical treatment I began taking benzodiazepines to aid in my functioning of day to day activities. Life became an endless hurdle and my dark hole became deeper with no solution in sight. Dr Rhett was recommended to me by a friend and he included me in the Pro ‘M’ Emo trial. At first I was sceptical but having exhausted all medical avenues I felt I had nothing to loose . With Pro ‘M’ Emo therapy,I was able to enlighten myself with things I was not even aware of about myself. Through my innate my body and spirit was able to communicate what was required for healing.


This was a very emotional process which opened up my whole life exposing the reality of my current existence. Through taking Pro ‘M’ Emo I was empowered to take control. As unrealistic as it might seem Dr Rhett, FlameTree and Pro ‘M’ Emo healed me via giving me internal strength and energy. The journey throughout my healing released my suppressed emotional issues layer by layer. I am able to stand on my two feet. I have now gained employment and am socially interacting with the outside world. I am much happier and my anxiety has settled and my fear of life has transformed to a love for life. I am more energized, vibrant and confident. I even lost weight and my body transformed to a lean and healthy version of me, with NO exercise!


My whole perspective on life has changed and I write this testimonial to help other people and to let them know that Pro ‘M’ Emo and FlameTree can help them and there is no need for them to suffer. Dr Rhett has helped my enormously and I will be forever grateful for his treatment.


Mrs H (Australia)




My anger can ‘boil over’ at times and finding a direction to turn or an answer can be difficult. At this point in my life the roads are split: the angry hard road or the calm, blissful journey of peace and serenity. It is hard to even see the blissful road when you are festering with anger and hatred and nothing seems to be focussed or clear. The last 12 months I have been on an amazing journey, and I feel very fortunate to be part of the Pro ‘M’ Emo trial. The last 12 months have been made so much easier and smoother for me now that I have a way to handle my emotions. One day recently was especially difficult.


I had a few issues to confront and I felt strong anger, the likes of which I have not felt for a long time. Although I knew deep down inside things weren’t right, I had being pushing this feeling aside until it boiled over. And this was the day: Boy, was I a pot of hot boiling muck waiting to spill and eventually my anger did… not at anyone but at myself. Sitting alone in tears, screams all inside trying to get out. My head was hurting from over-thinking, constantly asking: ‘What have I done wrong?’ A case of the ‘Why me?’ syndrome. Pro ‘M’ Emo saved my day and my sanity, including my relationship (which I have been in for 23 years). Two drops of taking “Angry” to calm down… and Wow. Two minutes later – calm, peace, and clarity. An ability to see reason and logic in a situation that seems out of control.


Pro ‘M’ Emo is truly remarkable. I don’t know exactly how it works so well, but it beats a lot out of taking anti-depressant drugs or drinking alcohol to numb the pain, temporary solutions that can leave you just feeling empty. Pro ‘M’ Emo delivers a brilliant change to your thought pattern in less than two minutes and the change is extraordinary. 24 hours after taking Pro ‘M’ Emo and I was feeling great. The road of anger is now truly depleted and calm and peace is straight ahead. What medication can have that instant result? Anyone seeking help in being emotionally free, making clear and unemotional decisions and/or looking to connect to a peaceful existence has to tap into this product.


Thank you for this amazing product that needs to be shared with the world. Miracles can happen.


Mrs M (VIC) 2013

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