Emotions Diamond & Five Elements Poster



Launching Jan 10, 2023

An A3 poster, ROA tool to assist you to identify your current emotion, based on gratifying and energy.

This poster delves into a deeper range of emotions on the emotions spectrum with each emotions and the pertaining element or blend of elements from Traditional Chinese Medicines Five Element theory and the 5 elements – wood, fire, earth, metal & water.

For example, feelings of anxiousness are a blend of the water & fire element.



Emotional intelligence (El) is a skill set that allows you to process your emotions to help you in all areas of your life. For example: thinking, decision-making, behavior, learning, creativity, performance and relationships. You need a strong EI game to succeed in life because you experience many different emotions, all day, every day and you need to remain in flow with them and life.

ROA Emotional Diamond The ROA Emotional diamond is a tool to assist you to identify your current emotion, based on gratifying and energy. “Gratifying” is just what it sounds like: how gratifying is your ‘state’ when you feel that emotion? “Energy” is linked to intensity and includes the amount of activation the emotion involves. Enlightenment is high energy and gratifying, while feeling impotent (aka not feeling) is low energy and gratification.


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