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Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Health Professionals


A Great Opportunity for Health Professionals Specialising in

Complementary and Alternative Medicine


This new range of health care products is available to health care practitioners wanting to include an easy to administer, safe and effective treatment option to assist their clients to process their emotions.


Hear from one of our happy practitioners how they are improving their clients health with the pro•m•emo essences

“I am a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, naturopath, western herbalist and remedial massage therapist with over 25 years of clinical experience and since being introduced to the pro·m·emo elixir range I have nothing but high praise for them. One of the most important things for me as a clinician is that my clients find a product not only effective but easy to use. Pro·m·emo is such a product which I have only had exceptionally favourable feedback from my clients. Not only this, in my busy clinical practice, pro·m·emo is both straight forward to dispense and is easily explained to my clients. This is made even easier again with the practitioner supportive pro·m·emo information brochure which clearly explains how and when to take the six pro·m·emo elixirs. Having only six pro·m·emo elixirs to select from, which are based on the Chinese medicine five element theory of emotions whilst synergistically integrating Chinese herbs, Western herbs, Bach flowers, energy medicine and homeopathy into each pro·m·emo elixir is a system that I have not come across in the years that I have been in practice. The pro·m·emo concept of “processing emotions” as they occur has changed the way I approach emotional stress and issues with my clients. I highly recommend the pro·m·emo elixir range to any healthcare practitioner.”

Warmest regards,

Dr. George Dellas (Chinese Medicine)

(Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopath
 & Certified FlameTree Healer)


The pro·m·emo essence range is an easy, inexpensive and effective take home solution to offer your clients.  If you are a health professional specialising in complementary and alternative medicine this product is a wonderful addition to your treatment product range.


If you would like to sign up for a Wholesale account and join the growing number of satisfied healthcare practitioners prescribing pro·m·emo please contact us:

0413 858 505 (Australia)

(+61) 413 858 505 (International)


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