Just like the seasons are cyclical, one season flows into the other, the same occurs with our emotions. This means that one emotion can impact on another emotion via the flow of the Five elements. Coming into Summer (Fire element), leaving Spring (Wood element) in the past for another Earth revolution, the predominant emotional imbalance is Joy/Sadness. Two opposing emotions, dualities, in need of being in balance so disharmony is avoided to your holistic being (BodyMind).


What does it look like when your emotions are not in flow? Sudden violet reactions or exceptionally long term or repeated emotional reaction wil cause an imbalance in the flow of energy through the emotions associates internal zang fu organ and meridian, which over time may result in disease of that area.


What does it look like when energetically your FIRE element is out of flow? Emotional symptoms such as sadness (lack of joy), lacking your life spark, difficulties connecting with others emotionally, failure to accept love, failure to give love, or a decline in your spirits. There is also the other aspect of the manic type who may experience nervous energy, inability to rest, hyper-excitability, constant but false joy, or those who always put their happy face on even when they are feeling down. “heart stores the spirit. When the mind is joyful its qi will relax, the heart is depleted and the spirit disperses” When the fire element is in balance, and when emotions are in flow, , the emotion of joy can relax and calm nervousness, and allows for us to let go of issues/things and move forward.