There is something so deeply healing and comforting knowing that for hundreds of years, ancient Chinese wisdom still supports the use of Chinese medicine practises, still used today, such as Gua sha, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and the Five Element theory. Going back, the well-known book, the Yellow Emperor’s Cannon of Medicine,  shares with us that people were aware of ways that could preserve health and provide balance via yin and yang and staying attuned to the five elements in nature. They believe that we have all five elements within, and they must be in harmony and flow within their cycle. If this delicate balance through the cycle is disrupted, then emotional and physical imbalances would occur within the person.

Wood element imbalances may occur because a person had constitutional and consciousness characteristics associated with the wood element. This meant they were prone to feeling stuck in the emotions associated with the wood element as well as being prone to wood element imbalances during spring, the season attributed to the wood element. Wood element imbalances would be further compounded by eating foods attributed to causing wood element imbalances, such as excessive sour foods.


Constitutional type

Wood element constitutional types usually have:

  • a darkish facial complexion
  • a tall slender body with fairly broad shoulders
  • a strong bones and sinews (tendons/muscles)
  • a strong and straight back
  • a tendency to work hard

Use the pro·m·emo essence Calm to assist to keep this constitutional type in balance


Emotional Imbalances

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, Wood element emotional imbalances include:




Blocked from fully expressing yourself


Recklessly impulsive




The pro·m·emo essence Calm, may assist in rebalancing the wood element through emotional imbalances


Physical Imbalances

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, Wood element physical imbalances are associated with the organs:

Liver & Gallbladder 


Element cycle imbalances

Excessive Wood is associated with:

Overacting on the Earth element

Metal element failing to control the Wood element

Wood element insulting the Metal Element

Wood element will draw energy from the Water element


Deficiency Wood is associated with:

Wood being insulted by the Earth element

Wood being overacted upon by the Metal element

Fire element drawing from the Wood element

Water element failing to nourish the Wood element


Diet Therapy

According to Chinese diet theory sour is attributed to the Wood element and benefits the Liver.

Sour tasting foods have the following key actions:

  • Astringent and contracting
  • Generate fluids and Yin


Some examples of sour tasting foods include:

  • lemons
  • limes
  • plums
  • pickles
  • vinegar
  • rosehips


There are many natural therapies to support your holistic being and bring about balance to the Wood element. The Calm essence alongside diet and lifestyle therapies may assist to balance Wood when anger is excessive or even non-existent.