What are Flower Essences?

Harley Street England and Bach Flower Essences

If you didn’t already know, Harley Street is a famous ‘medical’ street which has been around since the 19th century. Records show that it started with around 20 doctors in 1860, 80 by 1900, and almost 200 by 1914. When the National Health Service was established in 1948, there were around 1,500 medical practitioners working in this street. Today, there are more than 3,000 people employed in the Harley Street area, in clinics, medical and paramedical practices, and hospitals such as The Harley Street Clinic and The London Clinic. 

So, what does this have to do with Bach Flower Essences? Well, just as this street was attracting more and more medical practitioners into its area, a medical practitioner by the name of Dr Edward Bach in around 1930 was inspired to go against the trend and actually gave up his lucrative Harley Street practice and indeed left London altogether, determined to devote the rest of his life to finding a new system of medicine that he was certain could be found in nature. 

My question is why would a Harley street doctor, who was also doing research into vaccines decide to pack it all up and leave? Like many medical practitioners of his time, Dr Bach felt dissatisfied with the way doctors were expected to concentrate on diseases and ignore the whole person. He aspired to a more holistic approach to medicine.  In the 20th Century, people over 40 different countries are grateful to Dr Edward Bach for following his inspirations and passions and founding the 38 Bach Flower essences used to assist with removing emotional imbalances.

Based on Dr Bach’s experiences, he believed that illness is the effect of disharmony between body and mind. Symptoms of an illness are the external expression of negative emotions. He found that when he treated the personalities and feelings of his patients their unhappiness and physical distress would be alleviated as the natural healing potential in their bodies was unblocked and allowed to work once more. 

He did not achieve these outcomes with the harsh drugs and bloodletting western medical practices of his times, instead he chose to rely on his natural gifts as a healer, and use his intuition to guide him. According to the Bach Flower Centre’s website information, Dr Bach found the remedies he wanted, each aimed at a particular mental state or emotion. His life followed a seasonal pattern: the spring and summer spent looking for and preparing the remedies, the winter spent giving help and advice for free to all who came looking for them. In his time, he discovered 38 different preparations that have become known as the Bach Flower Remedies. These remedies are 100% safe and natural and work as individual remedies, or can be mixed together to suite the client’s various emotional issues. They are safe for children, pregnant women, pets, elderly and even plants.

Are the pro•m•emo essences Flower Essences?

What Dr Bach had not discovered at the time, was the potential Bach Flower remedies have when combined not just with each other, but with other natural preparations, such as Western and Chinese herbs and homeopathic medicines. This is exactly what Rhett Ogston, specialising in Chinese Medicine and research science, has done! Mr Ogston discovered the synergistic interactions of a Chinese herbal formulation and with further research discovered that this was not isolated to Chinese herbs. Like, Dr Bach, he was also inspired to assist people with not only their emotional health, but all aspects of their wellbeing, and with his observational and research skills created six different synergistic blends, all of which contain the healing properties of not only Bach Flower Essences, but also Western and Chinese herbs, bio-energetic medicine and homeopathic medicines, that synergistically work together to assist people with their emotional wellbeing. This has become known as the pro•m•emo essences.

Flower essences and the Process My Emotions Essences

Like, Dr Bach, the founder of pro•m•emo, has also placed great emphasis on assisting people to safely and effectively deal with and process their emotions, however, unlike the Bach Flowers, pro•m•emo has a traditional Chinese medicine direction. The pro•m•emo essences address the 5 pure emotions and their derivatives as defined by Chinese medicine. Unlike Bach Flower Essences, where you need to choose from and create blends from 38 different Essences , the pro•m•emo essences simplifies this process by only needing to work with 6 different pro•m•emo essences. I am sure Dr Bach would agree not only with keeping it all natural, which the pro•m•emo essences are, but simple as well. This simplicity is made possible with the power of synergism that the founder of pro•m•emo has observed and discovered, something that had not yet been discovered in Dr Bach’s lifetime.


How can I use the pro•m•emo essences to enhance my emotional balance?

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