What you feel and tell yourself matters!

Why? Because when you continually tell yourself a certain story about yourself, this story inevitably becomes ‘wired’ into your neurology. When this happens, this story becomes your ‘go to’ story, which then occurs automatically without you having to consciously think about it. You now believe that this story is 100% true about yourself, and your life is then shaped by this story without you even trying! For example, if you repeatedly tell yourself that you are fearful and lack confidence, and your actions that match this is to ‘freeze up’ and shy away from life opportunities, then your life will be shaped by this perceived reality of yourself! This means, whenever an opportunity arises, you freeze up and shy away from it, because you already know (100% certain) you are fearful and lack confidence, even if others believe you are capable of taking on the opportunity! You do not believe them because your default perceived reality of yourself stops you from doing so, as another opportunity passes you by!

In order to change such unhealthy default neural pathways, you need to first accept that you have unhealthy neural pathways!

It’s no one else’s and the only person who can change it, is you! By accepting this, you automatically interrupt unhealthy perceptions of yourself. Then, you are ready to now redefine what emotions mean. By understanding that you cannot be the emotion; that is, you cannot be fearful, and that emotions are your guidance system, you are on your way to rewiring your reality. Instead, of becoming frozen in fear, you need to feel the fear and state that “I feel fear”, instead of saying “I am fear”, so that you can begin processing this emotion and interrupt this default wiring. Then, by recognizing that your emotion [fear] is letting you know that you stopped making a conscious choice about how you choose to feel and see yourself, you can now take action and consciously change your story about yourself. By taking this action, you continue to interrupt your unhealthy default story about yourself, thereby allowing you the opportunity to create a new, healthier story for yourself. Rather than feeling fearful and lack of confidence, you may choose to feel good and at peace within yourself. With repeated and directed action towards this new feeling [feeling good and peace within yourself], you are able to rewire your reality.

Processing our emotions isn’t always easy.

We can feel overwhelmed with fear, anger and worry. The pro•m•emo range of six essences gives you a natural and effective way to help process your emotions and return you to a state of calm, clarity, presence and peace. pro•m•emo essences contain carefully selected Chinese and Western herbs, homeopathic remedies, Bach flower essences and bio-energetic medicine.

Blended for optimal emotional wellbeing and healing, essences relate to the Five Elements from ancient Chinese medicines Five Element Theory – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Drops can easily be taken under the tongue or in water – to help you gently process your emotions, and let go. pro•m•emo is a proudly Australian company, lovingly made in Melbourne.