pro•m•emo CAREFREE 20ml

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The pro•m•emo CAREFREE essence for processing WORRY/ OVERTHINKING, may assist with processing feelings of worry, guilt, shame, hate, hopelessness, emptiness, obsession, and alienation. Also use pro•m•emo Carefree essence if you feel consumed, overwhelmed, depressed, overburdened or overawed.

Enjoy the feeling of carefree spread throughout your mind and body when using the pro•m•emo essence Carefree.



Over 15 years of research in every bottle. A truly unique product that draws upon the strengths of Chinese herbal medicine, Western herbal medicine (naturopathy), Bach flower essences, homeopathy and bio-energetic medicine. Boost your mood, build resilience, let go of baggage and get more enjoyment out of life with 3-5 drops!

Enjoy the feeling of CAREFREE spread throughout your mind and body when using the pro•m•emo essence Carefree.

Directions: Single pro•m•emo use: place 3 drops under the tongue for a mild emotional disturbance (5 drops for a significant disturbance) or add to 1 cup of water. Take the required dose, a minimum of 4 times a day. Multiple pro•m•emo use: add 3 drops of each single remedy (up to 5 remedies, excluding Peace) into a 30ml/ 1oz mixing bottle and then use as above.

2 reviews for pro•m•emo CAREFREE 20ml

  1. Rhonda Hearity

    My Acupuncturist recently suggested that I try pro.m.emo Carefree essence to help sooth my overthinking and ruminations which can be very psychologically and emotionally debilitating . After just three drops I felt a subtle positive shift but after a few days of its use three times per day I have felt more Carefree. I’m feeling better each day, less stressed and would recommend it to anyone who struggles with worry and feelings of guilt and or emptiness.

  2. Esther Nguyen

    I came across these beautiful essence and I have to say, they have given me the courage to stay in the present and I noticed I don’t dwell too much into the future anymore. They live right next to me on my night stand and I use it once in the morning and again before I go to bed. I feel so much more calmer, centred and grounded. Thank you for creating these 😊

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