Emotions are unique vibrations of energy, similar in nature to musical notes and colours.

Emotions are as much a part of our life as breathing. Try as we might, we cannot escape the inevitable ‘feeling’ of life. Whether it be the emotions stirred by hearing a beautiful piece of music, seeing a beautiful flower or a cuddle from a special someone, emotions are ever present and can create a heaven or hell (to be helled means shut off) right here on Earth, right now. Emotions will always be present, so the only thing that determines whether it will be experienced as a heaven or a hell is YOU. Once we have this realisation we should all immediately seek to learn how to achieve emotional mastery (what is the point of your significant other giving you a loving squeeze if you are not present because you are still trying to process the anger caused from the drive home where an idiot cut you off in traffic?)

Processing emotions is an aspect of life that involves awakening to whom we are as a person (inclusive of our society, culture, upbringing, beliefs and so on) and realizing that happiness is actually a natural state to exist in, so too are sadness, grief, anger, fear and worry. The key is to be able to process these emotions as they arise and not hold on to or resist them. It’s the ineffective processing of an emotion that creates ‘issues’ rather than the emotion itself!

Learning how to process these emotions that is, transmute negative energies into understanding by revealing them to the light of your own consciousness, should therefore become a primary focus in ones life. You, as an individual, are a mixture of memories of past events, your cultural beliefs, your generational beliefs, old painful memories, limiting beliefs and thoughts learnt from your environment and unhealthy patterns of behaviour that need to be first consciously raised before they can to be efficiently released. I say consciously, because they are most probably occurring subconsciously in your day to day life without you realising they are occurring. When they do surface without consciousness, they usually trigger a cascade of emotional reactions within the body, that is, unless they occur as part of a FlameTree: the personal development & healing system session and / or consciously acknowledging an emotion and using either the Pro·m·emo elixir range to effectively process your identified emotion and / or combine this using UEFT (Universal Emotional Freedom Technique) a 12 step self technique to achieve emotional freedom from the identified emotional reaction.

As you process your emotions in this supported way, you begin to realise that as you move through life you can safely give up the need to be ‘right’! Instead you begin to understand that our emotions are more of a guidance system and we begin to develop our sensitivities to the emotional energies of ourselves and others.

Once you have achieved this state emotions no longer have to be experienced as negative or overwhelming. If overwhelm was present then there is an associated fault in the ability to process emotions. When the output of emotion is less then input (living, stressors, relationships, work, and so on) due to faulty processing ability, you feel overwhelmed. This is demonstrated graphically below.

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Understanding emotions and possessing the ability to process them rapidly and easily leads to a life of more happiness and harmony. When we allow the emotion to exist, unrestrained, it flows through us and is processed naturally. For those of you who have had issues obtaining this state of flow, there is now the energetic techniques contained in the Pro·m·emo book along with the Pro·m·emo elixir formulations, which work synergistically with your body’s natural emotional processing ability to lubricate and stimulate the natural processing of emotions. The outcome of this leaves you feeling peaceful and calm in an emotionally ‘neutral’ state, ready to feel the next element of life. These techniques and products allow you to experience emotions as ‘energetic vibrations’. In the same way that you can hear a musical note and being able to remember it later, you can feel an emotion and remember it later, however, what you cannot do is hold on to either of them! Like a musical note, allowing emotions to be processed as the energetic vibration that they are is a much healthier option than trying to hold onto them.

Understanding what emotions we are feeling and then being able to name them also plays a large part in our emotional acuity. By being able to name an emotion and understanding what we are feeling we are therefore able to isolate what it is (for example a person, a thought, an action and so on) that is stimulating that emotion within us. We cannot BLAME the other person for ‘making’ us feel what we feel, but we can as an emotional master seek to understand what has happened inside of us to bring about that particular emotion.

The ability to understand our emotions and being able to label them allows us to separate our emotions from others. In no way can we actually manage another person’s emotions, just as another person cannot manage your emotions! For example if you tried to carry your spouse’s grief caused by a loss of their best friend it will most probably be and feel overwhelming for you. By understanding, however, that it is not your direct grief to process, your own emotional load immediately feels significantly reduced and easier to deal with, leaving you feeling empowered whilst being a better support for your spouse!

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