Could emotional wellness really be as easy as one, two, three?

  1. Name your Emotion
  2. Rate the Emotional Disturbance [is that Anger mild or severe]
  3. Choose the Corresponding Essence as mentioned on the label

This system or 6 natural essences for alleviating emotional stress and burden takes the pain and fear away from really feeling unpleasant or difficult emotions. Emotions are a natural part of our being, they can bring us joy but they can also bring a lot of suffering as well. Have you ever felt an emotion that was so intense that you had to bury it deep down, find an ‘out’ or a way to ‘dull’ the feeling (eg with food or alcohol)? If you have, then you never exactly processed that feeling, and if you think about that moment again, right now, you may feel an overwhelming sense of that feeling again beginning to stir. That emotion has never really been processed and is still stored in your body. Too many of these feelings, ineffectively processed can lead to disharmony and eventually may present in your physical body. Have you heard of an Emotionally Charged Memory? They can cause severe emotional blockages in your body and therefore cause your overall health and perception of life to suffer. The pro•m•emo essences can assist you to process your emotions as they arise, alleviate the burden of overwhelming emotions so that you can flow through life with less emotional stress.

The pro•m•emo essences can be used on many levels. As a support for your emotional health but on a deeper level as well. There is a flow and effect, as most physical diseases have an emotional component as well, which, is extremely evident as we delve deeper into the era of Evidence-based medicine.

Based on the Five Element Theory and their related concordances, pro•m•emo can be used for overall health and wellness. Feel free to contact us for further training and information.

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