An amazing book in the history of Chinese medicine, the Yellow Emperor’s Cannon of Medicine states that people in ancient times were aware of the ways to preserve their health by following the ways of Yin, Yang and the Five Elements. For example, if the water element was out of balance, then emotional and physical imbalances would occur.

Water element imbalances may occur because a person had constitutional and consciousness characteristics associated with the water element. This meant that they were prone to getting ‘stuck’ in the emotions associated with the water element; fear, as well as being prone to water element imbalances during winter, the season attributed to the water element. Water element imbalances would be further compounded by eating foods attributed to causing water element imbalances, such as when consuming excessive salt.

Water Element Constitutional Types

  • Round face
  • Round body
  • Spine longer than normal
  • Skin which is soft and white
  • Tendency to love movement
  • Tendency to be slightly lazy
  • Tendency to not always tell the truth
  • Tendency to be sympathetic
  • Knack for negotiating and are loyal to their work colleagues
  • Tendency to be aware, sensitive and sometimes psychic

Using the pro·m·emo Love essence may help keep this constitutional type in balance


Emotional Imbalances in the Water Element

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory, the emotional imbalances associated with the Water Element include:

  • Fear
  • Fright
  • Apprehensions
  • Phobias
  • Panic attacks

The pro·m·emo Love Essence may assist in rebalancing Water Element emotional imbalances


Physical Imbalances of the Water Element

According to TCM Five element theory, the Water Element physical imbalances are associated with

The Zang and Fu organs: the Kidneys and Bladder


Element Cycle Imbalances:

Excessive Water is associated with…

  • Overacting on the Fire element
  • Earth element failing to control the Water element
  • Water element insulting the Earth Element
  • Water element will draw energy from the Metal element


Deficiency Water is associated with…

  • Water being insulted by the Fire element
  • Water being overacted upon by the Earth element
  • Wood element drawing from the Water element
  • Metal element failing to nourish the Water element


The Water Element and Chinese Diet Therapy

According to Chinese diet theory, a salty taste is attributed to the Water element and benefits the Kidneys.

Salty tasting foods have the following key actions:

  • Cooling
  • Moistening
  • Softening to hardness
  • Reduces muscle contractions/knots, reduce nodules
  • Eases constipation
  • Calming and improves concentration

Some examples of salty tasting foods include:

  • seafoods: such as crayfish, oysters, sardines, crab, sea salt and seaweeds
  • pork
  • soy sauce
  • miso
  • millet
  • barley
  • anything with added salt

Salty tasting Food Precautions

As the Water element is attributed to the season of Winter, it is recommended by TCM practitioners to reduce the intake of salty tasting foods during this season. Having too little or too much salty tasting foods will influence the Water element and may create an imbalance in the Kidney organ and Kidney meridian channel. In addition to modifying the intake of salty tasting foods, using the pro·m·emo Love essence may also assist with Water element imbalances associated with dietary intake.


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