When seeking emotional balance, the trick is to process your emotions. Emotions serve as messengers and to ignore their message is to invite dis-ease. There’s a plethora of options that you could use to reduce your emotional stress, overwhelm and emotional tension, however, which ones allow you to achieve this whilst still feeling the emotion and importantly still hearing and receiving its message. We’re going to discuss, what we believe is to be one of the best methods to achieve this. We are going to teach you how to naturally process any emotion, receive their messages and return to a state of emotional balance.

For optimal wellbeing, it is of vital importance to educate yourself on how to effectively and quickly process your emotions. Processing them is more than just singing along to Disney’s Frozen and being able to ‘let it go’. It is also more than just not letting emotions build up to your exploding point. To successfully achieve processing your emotions we need to acknowledge their message, its arrival, harmonize the emotional processing machinery of the body (the 5 elements from Traditional Chinese medicine known as TCM), the organ-meridian system, and the meridians.

It’s important to understand that you can process your emotions simply, with ease, and maintain your health at the same time whilst simultaneously strengthen your emotional processing machinery to be stronger, therefore, better the next time you encounter an emotional disturbance.


There are 3 essential steps for processing your emotions.


STEP 1: Name your emotion.

You can not effectively process an emotion unless you can recognize and label it. By doing this we are bringing our emotional state to the conscious mind preparing our selves to process the emotion. This moves beyond the principle of practising mindfulness because we are not accepting the current emotional state but rather moving beyond it to a better place rather than being content with where we are at. If you would like to know more about it check this out….



STEP 2: Rate your emotional disturbance.


Is the disturbance mild or severe? Is your emotional feeling acute? Or is it intense? Is it difficult to sit with? Is it too painful? Too intense? Do you need help to shift it without just ignoring it and hoping it will just go away? We can sometimes unintentionally bury our feelings, thinking if we cannot feel them, if we are numb to them, then they are not really there. Some people use alcohol and drugs to elicit a state change in order to not feel but this method has extremely undesirable side effects.

If you suffer from any health conditions, you may be aware that your condition may flare up when you’re stressed, or sad, or feeling intense or prolonged emotions? Maybe you may know or have seen someone going through this cycle? If so, naming the emotion, rating the emotional disturbance and then performing step 3 may help.


STEP 3: Select your essence.

What if there was a natural essence that could help you to process your emotions and change your emotional state? We have fused five complementary and alternative medicine modalities to help you feel more emotionally balanced. Instead of ignoring, burying, masking, or numbing yourself to your emotions, our essences draw on the strengths of Chinese medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, Bach flower essences and energy medicine so that you can simply process any emotion with 3-5 drops, resulting in achieving a state change consciously and comfortably.

Our essences focus on the 5 pure emotions from TCM [anger, joy/sadness, worry/overthinking, grief/melancholy, and fear]. Of course there are so many more emotions that we feel beyond the 7 listed above, however, every emotion can be allocated to the above pure emotions.

For example; frustration, betrayal, aggressiveness, confrontational feelings all come under the pure emotion of Anger.

Sadness, giddiness, selfishness, excitable, confused,  unlovable, upset all come under Joy and Sadness.

Overwhelm, guilt, hate, shame, emptiness, burdened, down, obsessed all come under Worry and Overthinking.

Regret, intolerant, jealousy, hopelessness, cynical, compulsive, and unworthiness are categorized under the pure emotion of Grief and Melancholy.

Panic, phobic, powerless, timidity, cautious, nervous, controlling coming under the pure emotion of Fear.

So, if you want to process your anger, buy Calm.

If you want to process over-excitement or sadness, buy Harmonise.

If you want to process your worry or over-thinking, buy Carefree.

If you want to process your grief or feelings of melancholy, buy Relief.

If you want to process any fears, buy Love.

If you want to find emotional peace and harmony, buy the complete emotional balancing essences kit.


Remember the three simple steps for processing any emotion:

  1. Name the emotion
  2. Rate your emotional disturbance
  3. Select your natural essence.